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    Anxin County: Scientific Development based on “Baiyangdian Lake”


    It is sunny in Baiyangdian Lake in autumn. The fishermen and cormorants on boats feel tired after receiving tourists. Anxin County has been committed to the development of low-carbon economy and construction of a famous tourism city and water town in the south of Beijing.

    The bright copper rods are orderly stacked up at Hebei Dawufeng bright copper rod workshops in Anxin County. The project with a total investment of RMB 3.5 billion and an area of 116,700 square meters is the provincial key project co-invested by Hebei Jianchang Copper Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation in Mar. 2009. According to the introduction, this project introduces the Italian fire refining technology, requires neither electrolysis nor remelting and saves energy. It is a green, eco-friendly and energy-saving project owing to the advanced smoke dust treatment system and waste heat recovery device. Hebei Dawufeng bright copper rod project featuring advanced technology and cyclic development promotes the better and faster development of nonferrous metal industry in Anxin County and starts the coordination with Beijing and Tianjin strategy and construction of a strong county in industrial economy.

    Anxin County focuses on the large Baoding development orientation of “one city, three stars (Xushui, Qingyuan, Mancheng), one lake (Baiyangdian Lake)” and is committed to the construction of an ecological, livable, leisure and tourism city and water town in the south of Beijing by virtue of the location and resource advantages. Anxin County Party Committee and People’s Government establish the concept of “scientific development is the top priority, to emancipate the mind is the first task” so as to “consolidate foundation, create performance, make improvement and strive for the first level”

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